Education Manager

Denise Williams embodies a forward-thinking approach, constantly building bridges and pushing the boundaries of inclusivity. Her commitment to personal growth and community improvement stands as a testament to her ongoing efforts to cultivate positive change within organizations and society at large. With her visionary mindset and unwavering dedication, Denise propels organizations toward a future where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is the norm, and belonging is felt by all.

Hailing from the Green Mountain State, a Vermonter, Denise Williams is excited to join the team at the Rainbow Center. Denise has held a variety of roles in several educational institutions since 2008 including Director of DEIB, Spanish teacher, English as a Second Language teacher, affinity group leader, cross country and track coach, and advisor. Denise and her wife co-founded and operate Engaging Across Difference, an organization that provides equity and inclusion training, coaching, and workshops to individuals and organizations nationally.

Denise holds a bachelor of arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies from the College of the Holy Cross and a master of arts in Spanish Language and Literature from Middlebury College. She loves to read, travel, watch the sunrise over the ocean, and be in community.

Denise Williams